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On the Economy

we will:

  1. Maintain sound macro-economic policy environment and run an efficient government and preserve the independence of the Central Bank;
  2. Restore financial confidence by putting in place a more robust monitoring, supervising and regulating of the financial institutions;
  3. Make our economy one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world with a real GDP growth averaging 10% annually;
  4. Embark on vocational training, entrepreneurial and skills acquisition scheme for graduates along with the creation of Small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme to create at least 2 million new jobs by 2015;
  5. Integrate the informal economy into the mainstream and prioritize the full implementation of the National Identification Scheme to generate the relevant data;
  6. Expand domestic demand and consider undertaking associated public works programmes;
  7. Embark on export and production diversification including investment in infrastructure; promote manufacturing e.g through agro based industries and expand sub-regional trade through ECOWAS and AU;
  8. Make Information Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Entertainment key drivers of our economy;
  9. Balance the economy across regions by the creation of 6 new Regional Economic Development Agencies (REDAs) to act as champions of sub-regional competitiveness;
  10. Put in place a N300bn regional growth fund  (average of N50bn in each geo-political region) to be managed by the REDAs, encourage private sector enterprise and support to help places currently reliant on the public sector;
  11. Amend the Constitution and the Land Use Act to create freehold/leasehold interests in land along with matching grants for states to create a nationwide electronic land title register on a state by state basis;
  12. Create additional middle-class of at least 2 million new home owners by 2015 by enacting a national mortgage system that will lend at single digit interest rates for purchase of owner occupier houses.

On Agriculture

we will:

  1. Modernize the sector and change Nigeria from being a country of self-subsistence farmers to that of a medium/commercial scale farming nation/producer;
  2. Create a nationwide food inspectorate division with a view to improving nutrition and eliminating food-borne hazards;
  3. Inject extra N30bn to the Agricultural sector to create more agro-allied jobs by way of loans at nominal interest rates for capital investment on medium and commercial scale cash crops;
  4. Guarantee a minimum price for selected crops and facilitate storage of agricultural products as and when necessary

On Infrastructure

we will:

  1. Undertake an urgent review of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) enabling environment with a view to addressing the legal, regulatory and operational challenges including introducing enabling legislation where necessary. In addition, we shall create a National Infrastructural Development Bank to provide loans at nominal interest rates exclusively for this sector;
  2. Generate, transmit and distribute from current 5,000 – 6,000 MW to at least 15,000 MW of electricity by 2015 and increasing to 50,000 MW by 2019 with a view to achieving 24/7 uninterrupted power supply by 2019 whilst simultaneously ensuring development of sustainable/renewable energy;
  3. Embark on a National Infrastructural Development Programme as a Public Private Partnership that will ensure the (a) construction of 3,000km of Superhighway including service trunks and (b) building of up to 4,800km of modern railway lines – one third to be completed by 2015;
  4. Enact new legal and regulatory frameworks to establish independent regulation and incentives to accelerate public and private sector investment in seaports, railways and inland waterways;
  5. Embark on PPP schemes with a view to ensuring that at least one functioning airport is available in each of the 36 states

On the Oil and Gas Industry

we will:

  1. Make the industry and Nigeria one of the world leading/cutting edge centres for clean oil and gas technologists, scientists, mega structure installation, drilling, processing, production engineers supported with best services and research facilities;
  2. Fully develop the sector’s capacity to absorb more of the nation’s new graduate in the labour market. The sector will produce more home-grown world class engineers and scientists;
  3. Modernise the NNPC and make it the national energy champion. Consider breaking it up into more efficient, commercially driven unit and strip it of its regulatory powers and enable it tap into international capital market;
  4. Enforce the government master plan for oil companies to end flaring that pollutes the air and damages people’s health and ensure that they sell at least half of their gas production within Nigeria;
  5. Speedily pass the much-delayed Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and ensure that local content issues are fully addressed;
  6. Make Nigeria the world’s leading exporter of LNG through the creation of strategic partnerships.
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  1. Mohammed Rabilu Abdullahi says:

    May Allah helps u & guide u in every angle

    You are truthful make sure u asssisted ppl as u can

    Allah bless u


  2. AL-AMIN BIDA says:

    My fellow Nigerian, BB are the only candidate that feet this our Nation for now.

  3. Taju Shittu says:

    General Buhari and, by the grace of God almighty, he would be president this year.

  4. liberty says:

    i strongly belive in BB ticket but my challenge is the people that are going to work with or for you with on this plan are you sure they carry your mind for the nation or their own plan, have perfectly drill them to be double sure of what they can do. God will help us

  5. Sagir Balarabe says:

    I strongly believe BB ticket can do it. let us support them.They have the courage and will. Let us adopt Obamas campaign strategies.While John maccain was busy going around cities with much jingles, Obama was campaining at the grass root were the bulk of the votes are. So let do it. TOGETHER WE CAN TOGETHER WE WILL. It is our destiny, let us define it.

  6. Ikem says:

    Read your manifesto. Impressive.Keep up the fight for victory!

  7. Ikem says:

    What about education? From primary school level to university? What are your plans? You have my support but tell us how you plan to solve our major problems. Convince us. Then you will get my personal endorsement.

  8. Ade Oyelakin says:

    THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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